STAFF Interview

Philips (Crew Resource Manager)

  • (1) What are the merits of being a crew member at Peach?
  • (2) What qualities are sought after in Peach members?
  • (3) What can you tell us about your career to date?

(1)What are the merits of being a crew member at Peach?

First, the opportunity to work for a Japanese LCC market leading operation flying the A320-200 with a dedicated group of professional pilots. In just under three years since our first flight, Peach Aviation has firmly established itself with a solid reputation for safety, efficiency, low cost and Japanese style hospitality and service in the eyes of the travelling general public and the regulatory authorities. This translates to job satisfaction for our dedicated flight crewmembers.

Second, I would recommend Peach for people who wish to experience and live with their families in Japan. One will find the country to be extremely hospitable, clean and a safe environment to raise families. Kansai, where Peach's base is located, borders on Kobe, Kyoto and Nara and other cities that are rich in culture and history. Given the ability of commuting by train or car to work, it is feasible to live within a one to two hour radius. Given the nature of the monthly flight rosters and ability to request consecutive days off, our pilots are able to spend more quality time with their families either in Japan or their home countries.

Third, it's worth mentioning the global pilot body. Peach is still an emerging airline that now operates a fleet of 14 aircraft (as of November 2014) and is striving daily to become a more global airline. The cockpit crewmembers at Peach include individuals from a number of countries from around the world. Given the size of our operation, we have the opportunity to get to know one another on a more regular basis as compared with working for a larger carrier. We would like to hear from individuals who would welcome the opportunity of building a company with hands on experience together with staff diverse in nationality and experience.

(2) What are the top three qualities sought after in Peach members?

Peach strives to be an organization that can respond in a rapid and flexible manner to the ever changing environment. This quality is also sought after in our employees as we continually strive to improve all aspects of our operation in a company wide effort to maintain a competitive edge in Japan's LCC market.

2.Open minded
Peach's philosophy requires input from employees from different departments within the company. As our employees consist of a wide variety of nationalities, ages and career backgrounds. I feel that individuals who have the ability to accept different perspectives, without prejudice, and appreciate new points of view will gain the most from our working environment finding it stimulating and enjoyable.

It is important for the individual to be self-motivated possessing the ability to carry out job responsibilities with minimal guidance from superiors. I feel individuals with the mindset to accomplish tasks on their own, rather than relying on other staff members to take the initiative, are a good fit for Peach.

(3) What can you tell us about your career to date?

I started my career in 1989 with one of the first crew leasing agencies in the industry, based out of San Francisco, California. I spent 20 years with the company starting as an Assistant Manager recruiting foreign national pilots for a major Japanese legacy carrier. I spent my last 5 years with the company in the position of Director of their Crew Leasing Division responsible for over 200 expat crewmembers assigned to one of Japan's major legacy carriers and its subsidiary company with a Honolulu, Hawaii crew base.

Following this, I spent two years as General Manager establishing an in-house crew leasing company for a major Korean legacy carrier based out of Los Angeles, California.

I joined Peach Aviation's Flight Operations Crew Planning & Administration team in early 2014 as their Crew Resource Manager. My primary responsibility focuses on the recruitment and retention of foreign national Captains as the company expands it operation, number of aircraft and routes according to management's business plan for the next few years.

In general, I thoroughly enjoy my role recruiting foreign Captains from worldwide sources and introducing them to a challenging new environment in Japan both on a professional and personal level. It is rewarding to watch new hires transition into our company's style of operation interacting on a day to day basis with their fellow flight crewmembers, cabin crew and staff from other departments in the company. The same holds true as I receive feedback from newcomers to Japan as they reach out and explore the rich culture and history the country and Kansai area has to offer.

As I reflect on my career to date, I have thoroughly enjoyed working within this very unique niche of the airline industry in Japan recruiting foreign Captains for the carriers. Towards this end, I feel very fortunate in having my present opportunity to contribute to the growth of a young and exciting new airline and frontrunner in Japan's newly established LCC market.