STAFF Interview

Ramin (Captain)

  • (1) What are the merits of working as an operating crew member at Peach?
  • (2) What qualities are sought after in Peach members?
  • (3)  What can you tell us about your career to date?

(1) What are the merits of working as an operating crew member at Peach?

My duties as a captain are about the same at Peach as in other companies. I feel that there is no difference in terms of the operations that need to be carried out. One aspect that I feel differs between Peach and other companies, however, is that as Japan's first low-cost carrier, they are dedicated to taking on the challenge of making things simpler, more efficient, and more cost-effective to improve their effectiveness. To make up for the simplicity, there are more things that each one of us has to do ourselves, but I think that this is a good thing for us crew members. For example, at other Japanese airlines another department would prepare a lot of material just for briefings, but at Peach we prepare them ourselves by checking weather information, flight time and so forth. Some people might find this bothersome, but not only are operations extremely efficient, checking these things ourselves gives us the feeling of flying the airplanes with our responsibility , and I think this is appealing to the crew members. I have worked in a few airlines in the past, and I think that Peach is the only airline in Japan that has adeptly incorporated simplicity and succeeded at being cost-effective.

Another good thing is that not only are crews very friendly, but members of the other departments are as well. I feel that this company has a lot of open-minded people. Maybe that's why everyone is so relaxed - it seems like they are all enjoying the 'Peach' environment.

Japan is a very hospitable country. It's safe and clean. As a place to raise children and be with your family, Japan is truly a comfortable place to live. Kansai Airport is on the outskirts of Osaka, but Kansai itself borders on numerous cities, so you can even commute by car from Kobe (in Hyogo Prefecture). Another good thing about the area is that it's not as crowded as Kanto area. I think this aspect is also a big merit of working at Peach.

(2) What qualities are sought after in Peach members?

Peach has enrolled a number of operating crew candidates and co-pilot trainees. Typically in a major Japanese airline, at least two years would be required before a candidate could become a pilot. But training completes more swiftly than that at Peach. That also means that candidates have to study that much harder themselves. It's also important for Captain to foster the development of these younger members. Accepting that the flight is not the only job to be done, and that there are various responsibilities one needs to do themselves are qualities that are sought after in Peach members. I joined Peach before operations started. At that time it was difficult because there was little English support in the company's internal communication. I would communicate with the company through people I knew on the crew and so forth.
Like I mentioned it's not the kind of workplace that has every single amenity on hand, so I think that people who are active can enjoy and will have a good time at Peach.
Of course, today there are more foreign crew members and English support at the company has improved.

(3) What can you tell us about your career to date?

I joined the airline in my own country directly after graduating from high school and worked there for 20 years. After which I transitioned to a new employer at one of Japan's legacy carriers. I was forced to switch jobs due to the financial condition of that company, but prioritized continuing to work in Japan, joining another Japanese airline. I came across Peach just when I was feeling the strain of the long training period, joined the company, and have been with them since. In the future, my dream is to foster "Peach Co-Pilots" to be a captain who can stand in the front line and lead our company.